Free course on climate change: Climate Insights 101

Learning is good.

If you are not solid in your ability to facilitate dinner table talk about climate change, let the fine folks at the Pacific Institute of Climate Solutions help you out.

Their free series of on-line courses will get you right up to speed. And if you’re not into the full meal deal, check out Climate Insights: Mini Lessons:

Climate Insights 101

A trilogy of animated and interactive courses that provide a comprehensive understanding of the causes of climate change, of how society can adapt, and the options for mitigation.

Each course contains 3-4 lessons with test-your-knowledge sections.

1) Climate Science Basics

This course covers the scientific basis for changes in Earth’s climate, both natural and human-induced, common misconceptions about global warming and more….

2) BC Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Climate change is already here and will speed up over time. This course is a how-to guide for projecting future climate within British Columbia and preparing for those changes.

3) Mitigation

This course explores and assesses the practical methods, technologies and policy options being used in BC and around the world to reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

#CWNYC – the count down is on. Join me?

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DISCLAIMER: the statements herein, however opinionated or fact based, are mine alone, and do not represent the Province of BC.

A few months ago I finished my work day, hopped on my bike, and cycled madly in the rain. Breathing the fresh, moist air, my cranial neurons fired brightly as they usually do when I am immersed or near water… “I need to go to New York City” I thought. I’m not sure why, how I’ll afford it, or exactly what I’ll do there, but it just makes sense.

September 22, 2014 is the start of climate week in NYC (#CWNYC). I was first made aware of this event five years ago while working on intergovernmental relations for the Province of BC. The Climate Group is a fantastic organization that works with sub national governments and business leaders to create a peer network of those working to address climate change.


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A Series of Climate wins via Grist

Since I have proclaimed 2014 the year of the cheerleader, the focus of many of my posts will highlight climate action wins.

If this sounds good to you, you may also want to follow the Series of Climate wins on Grist.

via Series Climate wins | Grist.


2014: Year of the Cheerleader

This post about resolution and personal resilience applies to my climate action adventures.

Heather Lynn's 2 cents on the web

A thick, burping river of foul  pink slime flows beneath a dark, angry city. The slime feeds off the fear, anger and anxiety of the people and magnifies depths of despair.

Demons of the past haunt. Hunger for power over all threatens.

Only music, the symbol of liberty and, well, Ghostbusters, can save the day.

Last night I sat with equal amounts of eye rolling and laughter through Ghostbusters II with my family. I didn’t think such a film would provide me with clarity for starting the new year… but here I sit preparing to tell you about it.

For me, the close of 2012 was enthusiastic, to say the least. I proclaimed a desire to “rock 2013”, and with the help of friends and family, I’m happy to say that I did. I not only received wellness, but I may have discovered how to magnify and share it in…

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Lego commits to 100% renewable energy goal

LEGO logo

LEGO logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Superb news!


This makes me feel waaayyy less guilty for supporting my child’s Lego habit – a tradition in our family and almost every family I know.


Thanks to WWF partnering with Lego, one more giant, recognizable and valued consumer good is having less impact on our planet.


Commenting on the new partnership, the LEGO Group’s CEO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, said: “We have experienced strong growth for eight consecutive years and, as we grow, we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact we leave on the planet. Partnering with WWF is an important step in our efforts to get the best out of our sustainability initiatives. We are proud to contribute to WWF’s overall vision of 100% renewable energy by 2050 and already now they have played a part in the targets we have set – and how we can achieve them.”

More information about this…


Climate Access – Roundtable Discussion on the lasting impacts of extreme weather

Climate Access - Roundtable Discussion on the lasting impacts of extreme weather

Climate Access – Roundtables.

I highly recommend registering for this free online meeting with experts in climate change communications.

Join us on Oct 28 from 1-2pm EDT (10-11am PDT) for a roundtable discussion – via webinar – on the lasting impact of Hurricane Sandy and other extreme weather events on climate engagement, with experts Erin Barnes, Jennifer Hirsch and Connie Roser-Renouf (moderated by Climate Access director Cara Pike). 

via Climate Access – Roundtable Discussion on the lasting impacts of extreme weather.

Also check out the Climate Access website and community if you want the latest and greatest from experts around the world.

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