No pump slump for this fit rump

Since getting over the flu, and repairing my bike, I’ve had the joy of cycling past the gas station… And feeling, well, free.

For a moment yesterday I was day dreaming that there was a party under the gas price sign. People in suits, people with their children… people of all kinds… each with their bicycles, dancing and celebrating their freedom.

Okay, pretty cheesy. But wouldn’t that be fun? A bicycle tour to a selection of gas stations around town. A mini celebration of liberty from the daily torment fossil fuels at each one. Perhaps a tally of the litres saved during the tour.

Of course, we’d have to make faces at the single occupant drivers going by. That would be fun too.

Hmmm… maybe I’m being a bit too crass. Perhaps it isn’t fair to poke fun at those who are not free, or to gloat about my fortunate situation that enables me to cycle to work easily and save a tonne of money while getting fit.

Although, I did make several choices in my life that lead me down this path: I decided not to consider living where I was too far from my workplace to ride. I spent money on a bike and gear that I would have otherwise spent on, well, gas or other luxury items. I put the effort in to learn how to ride safely and to overcome my fears of cycling on the road. I’ve outfitted my bike to enable me to tow my son when he needs to come too…

Come to think of it… I’ve earned my freedom. So there!

Now, I’m not saying you can’t join me. This isn’t an exclusive club! Sure, some of those fancy-pants spandex get-ups make it look that way… but there is no dress code. Although, if you’d like to celebrate your freedom, maybe you’ll consider buying a t-shirt with a slogan I’ve designed:

As my day job is climate action outreach, and my night job is sometimes web and graphics design, I thought I would put the two together. The slogan effectively tells the poor sod in the gas guzzler behind me: doesn’t it suck to pay for gas these days? Wouldn’t you rather spend your commute getting fit like me?

“Save the world” or “stop climate change” tends to appeal less to people, because there is no way to really imagine doing that. It is not tangible. My fit rump, however, is very tangible.

I’d like to hear from other cyclists: does the increasing price at the pump fill you with pride and a sense of freedom like it does me? Would you wear this t-shirt to help motorists consider the benefits of commuting by bicycle?

And how about you drivers: what would it take to get you out of your car? Or what things are stopping you from trying to cycle your commute?

To a new world waiting,



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