The soundtrack to my life: Mary Poppins. What’s yours?

I  was an active child. To this day, I have difficulty sitting still. My great grandparents, in an effort to find some respite while I was under their watch, found a weak spot – Mary Poppins.

I’m not certain how many times I have seen that film… though I do suspect the moral of the story, or at least some memorable aspects of it, have severely influenced me. Here are a few insights:

A spoon full of sugar – I can be quite serious at times, much like Ms. Poppins (though never cross). However, most who know me would say that I certainly take time for fun. Laughter is terribly important to me, and if I could sing my way through briefing notes, I certainly would! I also enjoy a tidy space, and have tested making chores a game with my 5 year old… an effective strategy, to be sure.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – What can I say? I like big words. Maybe my appreciation for this one lead me to the same appreciation for science. Though, the meaning of this word, according to the film is “something to say when you have nothing to say.” Interestingly, I rarely find a need to use it…

Go fly a kite –  What I like to think of as a metaphor for positive actions that can unite us. I love good things that people share that bring peace and joy, especially when they are nearly free and sustainable. Plus, a kite is wind powered, lending to my appreciation for renewable energy. And it in sooty old England, the kite reached “up to the atmosphere, up where the air is clear.” So, clear air… well, that must be a good thing!

Mary Poppins, climate action hero? Maybe I’m stretching it  a bit. But then again… she also had no shortage of imagination 🙂

What about you? Any childhood fixations that shaped your world view?



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  1. Great post, Heather … I loved Mary Poppins too, but my personal favourite is The Sound of Music!

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