Blogcycle: yes I did.

Some things are good mashed together. Like “have been” celebrities and dancing. Cycling and blogging though?

I try to make a case for it in this inaugural post, and give a tiny flavor of what you might expect. Basically, I find I don’t have much time in the day to squeeze in a written blog… Yet there is a 40 minute window of spandex clad juiciness I might be able to harvest for the full flavor experience of climate action adventure.

Please: tell me what you think! Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings… It could save me some stains in the long run. Plus, I’m a novice at this and would love to get better.

Some questions I have:

  • Is blogcycle a good name for this? Maybe vlogcycle is better  (it is a video blog, though it is harder to say).
  • Did you like this format? (length, music, editing, etc).
  • Am I interesting to look at or listen to at all? (The sound of my own voice annoys me, quite frankly… but that’s just me).
I hope you enjoy my 2 minute experiment!

One Response

  1. Well, I did watch it and I think the idea is good and interesting! If a link and topic show up in my twitter stream I’m likely to click on it and watch as long as I feel curious enough.

    I just started a podcast (check out my blog) and as you should know anyone will feel funny about the way they sound and even IF they are interesting enough. Normal fear, so don’t worry about it.

    The key is to keep it interesting and to the point. Do what you want and the people will start to catch on. Your idea can change but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

    Those are my words of support for your original blogcycle.

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