Vlogcycle #2 – Cycle down the rail trail (unless you’re wimpy)

I thought I would show how easy and enjoyable it can be to integrate cycling into your life. My friends sometimes marvel at the “effort” I put into getting around… but really, if they only knew how great it feels…

Another side of me is frankly just annoyed with how lazy people are. The other day I was at my parents and had received some items from them: one full cloth bag, some items to place in my small back pack and a mop. My 6 yr old and I had just bussed to their home from Canada day festivities, and so didn’t have a car.

When I said we were walking home (all of 1km), one family member was appalled that we would not accept a ride or at least have her drive the stuff to my house so we didn’t have to carry it.  Seriously?! I pack 40 lbs uphill 14 km in the bush FOR FUN. And you think I’m crazy not to accept a ride 1km with less than 7 pounds to carry? 

It’s a backward logic I think. “Oh, it’s just 5 minutes away, I’ll drive you.”  Add up how often that happens and think about the carbon. If you are capable of walking or cycling, do it. As I ask my son when he asks to drive to school: “What, are you wimpy or lazy?”

Now, I know positive encouragement is a better approach to changing people’s behavior. But at some point, I do feel it is useful to point out how silly people can be. However, for this vlog, I did take the “feel good” approach. Maybe I’ll get crass in the next one.

The trip you see in this video is 20 minutes one way from my house. If I took my car, it would be about 5.

This is mostly just me still experimenting with the vlogcycle idea, so I’d love to hear feedback on the format as well as the content.

Now get on your bike and ride!




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