Do you get off on dissing plastic water bottles?

”]20110803-101912.jpg[I apologize in advance for the strong language and offensive tone of this post.]

I was going to write a blog about stupid consumer products once. And then I thought: there would be no end in sight. It would lead to ongoing personal suffering as I feel the pain of human stupidity. Plus, I might get sued.

But I couldn’t waste this opportunity.

When I saw this monstrosity sitting near the till at an office supply store I had to touch it. “Is it real?” I thought. “No… is it for people with poor eyesight?  Really big fingers?”

Nope. I’m pretty sure it would have been labelled “really accessible calculator for people with disabilities”. This is just a “Really Big Calculator”. And they won’t be undersold! … Oh good. I’m fucking glad.

This is all kinds of wrong.

There are outcries all over North America about the use of plastic water bottles when tap water is just fine to drink. In effect, they are not necessary and end up creating more waste in our land fills and their production is a waste of oil.

Water bottles are produced on such a massive scale that impacting that trend will really make a difference. Perhaps public outcry about GIANT calculators won’t have such an impact… or will it?

Think of all the random novelty junk like this that is made of plastic and requires gobs of energy and other chemicals to produce. This is not an heirloom item. The dumbass that purchases this will do it as a gag, and it won’t get passed on for the enjoyment/wellbeing of the next generation. It will get turfed. Energy and resources WASTED.

In a world where we are calculating the dangers of creeping closer and closer to economic and environmental carrying capacities, why the hell are we wasting our efforts like this?

I am seriously inclined to contact somebody that cares about the future of their company (and hopefully the planet) and explain to them how this just makes them look really bad.

But then, I think that perhaps it is just me (and a few other greenies) that thinks this looks really bad. I know I’ve bought senseless novelty items in the past – I spent my money to acquire a certain level of entertainment without considering myself a steward of the resources I was helping to consume. There are processes and places to look after that for me.

When you realize that those processes and places (landfills/solid waste management facilities) require public spending (um, my tax dollars), not to mention impacts on the environment (to produce and retire the product), I really do have a larger stake than the $20 bones I spent on a 5 minute laugh.

Is this such a difficult concept to grasp? 

This article is thoughtful in this respect and states “Get people thinking about water bottles, and the thinking tends to spread to other parts of their lives.”

I freaking hope so.



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  1. Don’t get me started about Happy Meals and their stupid 5-minute plastic toys….

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