Convenient meals that cause more than gastrointestinal upset

I would be lying if I claimed to never eat at fast food restaurants like Macdonalds. I have, from time to time, ingested fast, fried, nutrient poor, high calorie garbage. Mostly on road trips or when my husband is in hungry bear mode and there is no other option.

But it’s not just the terribly low quality meals that disgust me. I can live with my decision to eat something that will upset my bowels for 24 hours for the sake of convenience or in the absence of self-control when I’m really hungry and drawn in by the greasy scent. Even more difficult is the realization that most fast food is unethically produced (i.e. environmentally, humanely).  One aspect I can’t live with is the waste. And by waste, I mean trash.Not worth the waste

Needless to say, the last time I went to Macdonalds I had a  struggle with my conscience to start. I sat with my 4-year old son (who I took there primarily for the play place on a rainy day) and we snacked on a burger each and even treated ourselves to a sundae.  When done, I systematically piled up the leftovers (wrappers, plastic cup lids, waxy cups, napkins) and walked to the garbage can. But I couldn’t do it.  At home, nearly all that waste would have had a second life: napkins to the compost, cardboard to the recycle, plastic to the recycle…

When we purchase something, we become stewards of that item: Responsible for its appropriate use and eventual disposal.

If you choose to eat somewhere that makes it difficult for you to properly steward the materials that you purchase… well, sucks to be you… and hopefully, you take the time to lug the crap home and compost/recycle it… then think twice about the inconvenience of that “convenient fast food” experience… and never return.

(Oh, and maybe write a letter to the CEO on how they should have compost and recycling bins too).



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  1. […] stuff quite readily because I don’t like clutter. But I do mourn the end of life, especially one I am responsible for. So I do try to avoid the inevitable as long as I can, and prolong the life of products I buy […]

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