Vlogcycle 3: Dr. Battery saves the day

As a public servant, it’s not that often that fun perks from work come my way. It’s not like my private industry friends who get free iPads, fancy conference/golf excursions, etc. to keep them engaged and dedicated to their employer. Nope – the public service is accountable to the public for every cent. And beyond not abusing tax payer dollars, there are ethical expectations that direct public servants to remain selfless and not to benefit above and beyond union sanctioned compensation. Sometimes that even includes fun, depending on who you talk to.

But if the public expects to be served effectively, the “brick pits” need some fun once and a while.

So I’ll count myself extra lucky for the chance to sample some new & fun technology while doing so in the public’s interest: we’re looking to save money and carbon emissions traveling to meetingsSo someone’s got to test the electric bike!

Dr. Battery is a Canadian company that teamed up with Leyden Energy to develop an electric bike that uses their advanced lithium ion battery technology. Of course, battery technology is all the rage these days with the surge in intermittent renewable energy (wind & solar that need storage) and of course, electric cars.

Now there are plenty of electric bike options out there these days. You can even buy kits to electrify your current machine. And from what I hear from electric bike owners, it’s a matter of selecting the features that meet your needs, such as:

  • battery range,
  • full throttle or petal assist, and
  • cruiser style or aggressive racer.

Dr. Battery offered my organization, the Climate Action Secretariat, a chance to give their model a try as they are also seeking feedback. It is a great opportunity to explore another option to greening governments fleets.

From my experience, I’ll save an average of $12 per cab ride to a meeting in downtown Victoria when I ride my bike, plus the pollution and usually at least 5 minutes, depending on traffic. However, there are days when it’s not convenient to sweat or lug a change of clothes around… And when the bus schedule fails me, I do opt for the cab.

I think the electric bike is a real viable option because it effectively removes two key barriers I hear from colleagues not willing to cycle: I don’t want to sweat and there are too many hills. Aversion to cycling in traffic may become less with the power boost and some road safety training for cyclists can mend the rest.

Anyway, I know, you came for my vibrating nostrils on film… So here it is: Vlogcycle: cold prescription from Dr. Battery.



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