#Occupying the locker room

The locker room is a great place for conversation in the morning. The mind and body are alert, fresh with oxygen and blood flow. And I thoroughly enjoy my daily chat with the ladies who also generally share my ethics on active transportation, as we all cycle or walk to work.

We are also all employed. We have fairly stable, decent paying jobs with benefits. Some own homes. Others are struggling to get into or stay in the market.

The topic of conversation lately has been the occupy movement and the varying degrees of support we feel towards it. You could say we are occupying the locker room – with thoughtful awareness and dialogue over the issues occupy seeks to raise.

That protest sites are being shunned for attracting the most marginalized people, such that the movement appears not to be representative, is of little consequence. The movement is everywhere. #Occupy is moving people to think in new ways and beyond the constraints of the current (broken) system. It is inching us closer to an awareness that eventually will pinch hard enough to shift the majority towards new norms.

For me and my locker room friends, we’ve shared at least one similar observation: that many products are being marketed as though greed, inequality, and over consumption are positive traits we should aspire too. Though I have always found that flavor of appeal distasteful, it stings with extra bitterness now: how can these people promote such ignorance? Aren’t they paying attention to the millions of voices that are speaking to real human/humane values? It makes us sick.

Of course, we aren’t the only ones. The magical twitterverse shared this with me today – very worth looking at: “Public Opinion and the Occupy Movement

To a new world waiting,



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