Building Sustainable Communities: A conference for winners

I’m not really a big Charlie Sheen fan, but there is something to be said about #Winning… especially when you are surrounded by sustainability practitioners and advocates that are doing just that.

After the first day of the 5th Building Sustainable Communities conference, I can say that I’ve already been inspired by the “can do” mindset of some of the delegates.

Of course, this “can do” mindset also is backed up by the “must do” mindset – as was eloquently communicated by Bill Rees who key noted a session I was in.

He communicated the imperative for a transition to a new worldview that does not involve pretending we can continuously achieve economic growth without depleting earths resources to the point of disaster. Sad, but true: we have to change.

The rest of the day was spent hearing about ways and means for making that transition. And I expect to hear more on the coming days.

When I’m recovered from the travel, I’ll put some more time into sharing some key learnings and resources. In the mean time, if you attended BSC, and have something to add, please have at it in the comments box!



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