What I learned today at the #5thBSC

I spent today actively listening to ideas and experiences shared by people working on matters related to social well being, with a focus on culture and the arts. It really was a Fresh Outlook for me, as I typically hang with the climate science and carbon emissions crew. Admittedly, as a social scientist at heart, I felt very “at home” with the content shared by presenters and speakers. So much so, I didn’t take away very much new information. But I did gain perspective.

I distinctly noticed differences in the language, tone and orientation of the thoughts shared. This is healthy.

And so thinks my friend Stacy Barter of BC Healthy Communities, whom I shared this observation with. New perspectives, no matter how slight, lend new energy and possibility. It also forces us to step out our our jargon and bias.

I learned more than this today, but I think it is very key: I benefit every time I step out of my comfort or expertise zone.

And this is probably just an extension of the call for “more interdisciplinary efforts”, more “cross-pollination”, more “integration across sectors”… a trend in my work these days, and a key theme I hear emerging from the conference.

Aw, what the heck… I’ll share some of the other stuff I learned too.

As I wandered around and met with other sustainability practitioners I learned:

  • Qualicum Beach has a kick ass green team – and they are surprised to find out that they are quite ahead of other local governments in encouraging their staff to work on corporate GHG emissions reductions. Not only that, they are saving money hiring staff that are making their operations more efficient.
  • My heels are not as comfortable as I thought they were.
  • Climate Smart is working with some great companies to help them reduce emissions, environmental impact and to save money. They’ve got fun videos that tell the story of these businesses as well.
  • The BC Sustainable Energy Association delivers climate change workshops across BC to grade 4 and 7 classes. They are achieving measurable GHG reductions helping communities to reach their climate action targets!



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