Busy week on the climate file in BC


I am amused by the conversations that happen in the environmental realm about climate policy in BC, especially on social media. Much of the time, it is a tug of war between the various shades of green. In BC, that tug of war is hot, fast and loud: all elements that can distract from the fact that we are generally, and figuratively, kicking @ss.

When I worked on international climate action, it seemed a no brainer: we are kicking @ss. All our partners and contacts in other jurisdictions were impressed and jealous that not only are we ACTUALLY taking steps to understand and reduce our emissions, but we clearly will benefit from a more efficient, clean technology advanced and less fossil fuel reliant society.

So why am I amused?

It’s great that we continue to push inside of BC, for more effective, responsible, equitable and enduring climate policy. Wouldn’t have it any other way (I’m a public servant at heart). But I think we can lose sight of the need to celebrate wins and gloat a little – if we don’t, our leaders lose the license to even judge the tug of war for a winner, because they get rope burn at every tug.

Beyond that, international peers could lose out, because they may not have the opportunity to point to BC’s success (on the ground and politically) if we lose momentum.

I get that our atmosphere is destabilizing at an unprecedented and human society crushing rate. And I’m not saying we need to settle for mediocrity. But as a facilitator of effective process and continuous improvement, I’ve learned we need to ask not only “what needs to improve and be done differently” but also, “what went well.” Doing so is what keeps us engaged and on the path to improvement and if done right, can build momentum.

So, in that vein: congratulations to the thousands of people across BC working to make our communities more resilient – we’re starting to see some big wins and momentum for more positive change!

If you’re an international cheerleader, checkout some of our bragging rights here and please share with your friends:



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