You know you’re special when they write about you in the New York Times

BC’s had some international attention lately regarding it’s carbon tax, which reached its highest level on July 1st, 2012 – $30/tonne of CO2. 

Whine all you want about the fact that it is to low to move us fast enough away from carbon based fuels. Or complain that gas prices are already too high. Truth is, it’s not a bad policy. And smart people on both sides of the political spectrum think it’s a good policy.

For a good overview of why, read the New York Times opinion editorial “The Most Sensible Tax of All” by Yoram Bauman and Shi-Ling Hsu. Or the companion article that was published in the Vancouver Sun: “Washington, Oregon should take cue from BC’s Carbon Tax

To top it off, Elliot Spitzer, former Attorney General and Governor of New York, did a segment on his show “Viewpoint” endorsing the idea.

I also like this blog by Christopher Gully of Carbon Talks which uses a few scenarios to explain how the carbon tax can affect everyday people: “BC’s Carbon Tax: coming to terms with the “T” word”

Why am I sharing all this with you? Uh, because that’s what I write about in this blog. Oh,the Minister of Finance is asking for your input (by August 31)  as the carbon tax review is underway, so you better get up to speed before you send him your letter 🙂


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