Hack the planet!! App developers to unleash data value for the masses @CleanwebYVR

Sounds epic, right?Cleanweb Hackathon Vancouver


The manifesto pretty much writes this blog article for me:

We know that as a species, we are hitting the limits, in resources, pollution, and our impact on the natural world. We know that exponential growth in a closed system is dangerous. We know that we must reduce the impact of our society immediately or face widespread systemic failure.

As makers and entrepreneurs, our task is to make these constraints work for us, and use our creativity to deliver progress without the costs we previously accepted as a side effect of our work.

We have very little time, but we have an incredibly powerful tool at our disposal. We have to apply the power of the web to make change happen at all levels of society, transforming businesses, governments, and citizens on a massive scale.

Beginning today, we will dedicate ourselves to this mission. We will work on projects with true meaning, that make the future a better place to be, rather than creating illusory short-term value.

We hope you will join us. We have a lot of work to do.

In Vancouver next weekend, computer nerds (read: heroes) will gather and collaborate to develop on-line tools, resources and action punching approaches to driving transformation of our increasingly technology dependant society…

Yes, I loaded that last sentence to pre-emptively strike against those arguments damning “wasted time in front of a screen” … sure there’s lots of reasons why technology should be lamented as being part of our problem. But let’s be honest now: this is the bed we’ve made, and the pillows happen to be pretty fluffy because of technology, even if the sheets aren’t always 100% organic bamboo.

Let’s not toss and turn and lose sleep (unless, of course, you’re pulling an all nighter and writing a world saving, business venture winning app.)

Sign up here!


PS This is Social Entrepreneurship. Want more of it? Check out BCideas.


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