Sea Level Rise in #yyj: what will it look like?


Gorge waterway rising

Gorge at Admirals1 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Consider this a teaser… as the King Tide Photo Initiative is gearing up for the coming high water/storm season on the Pacific Coast of North America!

BC was the first jurisdiction in in North America to take on this initiative where citizens visit their favourite coastal hangouts during extreme high tide events and take pictures. We encourage people to load these images, as creative commons, to flickr. The end result is a gallery of�fantastically�horrifying images of pending continuous coastal flooding… and geo-tagged references for local governments to take note of where they might want to put some taxpayer dollars.

That’s right. Your dollars. Its one thing to lose your favourite beach. Another to watch your property taxes go up as a result of skyrocketing infrastructure costs in your municipality.

To finish on a positive note, its a fun and exciting time on the coast and a good opportunity to flex your point and shoot muscles!

Stay tuned for more on how to participate!

via Sea Level Rise in #yyj: what will it look like?.


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