I’ve not taken much time to blog about “post growth” lately… but this article is worth a read. I like how it is framed as a list of conditions for how to achieve infinite growth (what we are oriented to right now as a society… silly us). It is a can do list, rather than don’t do rant. Of course, the question remains… can we really do these things? Does the “anything is possible” mantra apply here?

Make Wealth History

I’m an advocate of postgrowth economics – the new way of running the economy that will replace the growth ethic, one way or another. Postgrowth economics is a rather nondescript name, but that’s because we’re not entirely sure what it looks like yet. It’s gone by various other names in the past, such as the Steady State Economy, or the Stationary State, but both of those terms imply inaction, and a postgrowth economy wouldn’t be static. There would still be change, innovation and progress. There might, whisper it, even be economic growth.

The reason is that there’s nothing wrong with economic growth in itself. The problem is all the side-effects that come with it, the waste and the resource depletion. Economic growth could merrily continue if the following conditions could all be met:

The economy creates zero waste
We live in a throwaway society, but as ecologists like to say…

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