Chris Hedges conveys The Myth of Human Progress – I digress.

Chris Hedges: The Myth of Human Progress – Via Truthdig.

And I thought I was a downer. At least, that’s what my friends and family who are often in denial/ignorance over this subject might suggest.

But downer as I may be… the thinking that we will reach the “brink” sooner than we once thought appears more realistic with each passing moment.

Hello? Hello!? Reality? Are you there?

The truth is, reality is within. It is neither here nor there.

Each one of us seeks it only to the degree to which we feel comfortable operating in it. For most, the seeking stops prematurely. We have systems, experts, norms and a big, complex society and authorities of various shapes, sizes and colours that “inform us.”

Trust  in these “informants” varies and is rarely whole-hearted, but so long as we can piece together a reasonable existence, the reality we perceive for ourselves is complete enough.

Our existence becomes unreasonable when sufficient discord strikes: “oops, the informants were wrong.” And now our perception of what is real and pertinent must be re-evaluated, and our part in it adjusted.

Behaviour change experts might call this “tension.”  A motivator for helping people to seek new ways of being in reality that are effective and produce desired benefits.

So as the wind outside my window howls loudly, and for unusually longer than normal, I wonder: is my placement of garbage bins and gardening supplies at my home reasonable for this new reality? Or should I have adjusted before leaving the house this morning?

It might be too late…

If you are not keen to read the entire article I reference above, here is the crux:

“We have to readjust our entire civilization to live in a finite world. But we are not doing it, because we are carrying far too much baggage, too many mythical versions of deliberately distorted history and a deeply ingrained feeling that what being modern is all about is having more. This is what anthropologists call an ideological pathology, a self-destructive belief that causes societies to crash and burn. These societies go on doing things that are really stupid because they can’t change their way of thinking. And that is where we are.” – Ronald Wright, author of  A Short History of Progress

Are you questioning your reality? I hope you are.


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