#CWNYC – the count down is on. Join me?

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DISCLAIMER: the statements herein, however opinionated or fact based, are mine alone, and do not represent the Province of BC.

A few months ago I finished my work day, hopped on my bike, and cycled madly in the rain. Breathing the fresh, moist air, my cranial neurons fired brightly as they usually do when I am immersed or near water… “I need to go to New York City” I thought. I’m not sure why, how I’ll afford it, or exactly what I’ll do there, but it just makes sense.

September 22, 2014 is the start of climate week in NYC (#CWNYC). I was first made aware of this event five years ago while working on intergovernmental relations for the Province of BC. The Climate Group is a fantastic organization that works with sub national governments and business leaders to create a peer network of those working to address climate change.


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  1. Do you do talks for local groups. I would like you to give a talk to the Probus CLub of Royal Oak in Victoria on May 11 or June 8 in the morning. Thanks

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